Your Grandmother’s prayers


Your Grandmother’s prayers are still protecting you. – Lalah Delia

If you are lucky enough to have a grandma in your life, you know that she is the most precious person in the world. There is no one else quite like her and you know that there will never be anyone who can take her place.

Grandmas Are Comforting

She gives the best hugs. She fills you with warmth and protection and always holds on that little bit extra so you know that you are safe from everything. Whenever you feel bad, you know that you can go to your grandma for one of her cuddles and everything will seem that little bit better.

Unconditional Love

She has the biggest heart. And this does not end with you. You bring a friend to your grandma’s house and she will immediately try to adopt them. She’s the best part of having parents without any of the downsides. You might have been in the wrong, but your grandma would always take your side in an argument with your parents.

Grandma is Always There For You

No matter what you need, she is there for you. Do you need a hug? Done. A cup of coffee and a chat? She’s there for it. Whatever you need, she wants to help in any way that she can. She supports your job even if she does not really understand what you are doing. And she has always been super supportive all your hobbies, even if you weren’t very good at them.

Favorite Foods

Your mom might make your favorite spaghetti, but where do you think she learned it from? Your grandma, of course! One of the best things about visiting your grandma is having the home-cooked meals she’ll insist on cooking for you. And that’s not even mentioning the cakes and other treats she’ll whip up if she even gets the inkling that you’re hungry.

A Different Time

She can tell you stories from a time that you can only otherwise read about. She can tell you tales about your own childhood, your parent’s childhood, and even her own. Her memories go back generations and can really make history seem more real.

Grandma Hobbies

Your grandma probably has old hobbies that she teaches you every time you visit. Whether that be knitting, bridging or even gardening, she will impart her wisdom on to you. She will also likely indulge your hobbies when you visit, and as a child, you might even have had a whole bunch of stuff that was specifically for you to play with at your grandma’s house.

Adopt a Grandma

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their grandma in their life. There are even some people who do not have a great relationship with theirs. That’s why adopting a grandma figure can be a great idea for someone without one. Retirement homes often have volunteer positions where you can spend time with an elderly person who perhaps doesn’t have any children or grandchildren of their own. You not only feel like a better person, but you might also find yourself getting more out of the experience than you expected.


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