Women with these forehead shapes are destined to be rich, enjoy deep happiness. Especially, after 30 years old, they’ll get big prosperity.

Smooth, shiny and rosy forehead skin is also a characteristic feature of a woman’s forehead with good fortune.

Full round forehead

This is a tolerant and kind person, always gentle with everyone. They live humbly, never impose their opinions on others, have good relationships, and are loved by many people.

Although the appearance of a rich person is rich and noble, he is quite soft and often depressed because of love affairs.

They are emotional so they can easily get caught in love. People with round foreheads have great creativity, but are a bit impatient, so they often change jobs to find new inspiration.

Balanced forehead

In physiognomy, the common characteristic of a symmetrical forehead is that the forehead line is divided into two, extending the symmetrical hairline with the same width and length. Women with a symmetrical forehead are a model of good manners, good at public affairs and responsible for housework.

They are always hard-working and persistent, combined with their innate sharp intelligence, so from a young age they have had flourishing careers and got married early. A well-proportioned forehead in women is considered a valuable feature, with good fortune from youth to old age, so it is considered to have deep good fortune. In the years before the age of 30, this person had a lot of luck, abundant wealth, and life with little pressure.

Forehead skin is ruddy fresh

Looking at the forehead, smooth, shiny and ruddy forehead skin is also a characteristic feature of a woman’s forehead with good fortune. Women who possess this forehead feature mostly have a fulfilling marriage.

From a young age, they could have met their destiny, or become childhood friends, growing up together since childhood. If this person gets married early, then they will have a prosperous life as husband and wife, complete happiness and virtue, the couple will love and understand each other, and live happily together.

In the future, women with this forehead feature will be able to give birth to a noble son, a child with a brilliant destiny, who will later become neither a dragon nor a phoenix, fully filial to his parents, and the family will always be filled with laughter.

The forehead is wide and full

Broad forehead means that the forehead is wider than the average width, or simply, the width of the forehead is larger than the size from the eyebrows to the end of the chin.

From an anthropological perspective, the forehead symbolizes a person’s status and power. Women with high and plump foreheads, and the skin here is tight and shiny, can often achieve success at a young age and have a certain reputation in the early stages.

If the forehead is not defective and the forehead angle is full, it shows that the owner was born in a wealthy family, has had a foundation for himself since childhood, and is generally more favorable than others.

This type of woman is mostly intelligent, witty and open-minded. They have a very prosperous fortune, so they soon succeed in their careers. They often get married to talented, responsible husbands, and their future lives will be full of glory and wealth.