Why don’t you make your bed in the morning?

Are you used to making your bed every morning? Well, you should know that this could be a very bad idea! And you wonder why? They say it’s the best way to get a really messy bed… Surprised?

Well, so am I! Well, it seems that scientists have been looking into the matter. And their conclusions are clear: they advise against making your bed in the morning. Here’s why you shouldn’t make your bed in the morning. Explanation:

What are house dust mites? Dust mites are tiny creatures that are invisible to the naked eye. They are particularly fond of our sheets, where they thrive. Why do they do this? Because that’s where they find everything they love. In other words, warmth, moisture and tons of dead skin to feed on. In short, it’s paradise for them! But why should we want to get rid of them?

Why you shouldn't make the bed in the morning

The problem is that these bugs can promote asthma and respiratory allergies. And they can even lead to a blocked nose, a rather unpleasant sensation. So it’s best to get rid of them using bicarbonate… Or as a preventive measure, don’t make your bed! Why does making your bed encourage the development of dust mites? Wondering what this has to do with making your bed in the morning? Well, dust mites are very vulnerable to fresh air.

A study on the subject was carried out by researchers at Kingston University in London. It shows that making your bed in the morning is the best way to breed dust mites in your sheets! And why is that? Because our bodies sweat a lot at night… We lose around 1 litre of water every night! So if you make your bed as soon as you get up, the moisture in the sheets gets trapped. Even if you don’t necessarily feel it when you go to bed, the moisture is not evacuated. The level of humidity and heat remains higher.

And bugs love that! It’s the ideal habitat for them. And when you love it, you don’t count, as the saying goes! As a result, they reproduce very, very quickly. Yuck! Air your bed properly in the morning to avoid dust mites

So instead of making your bed, as soon as you get up, wait a bit! Leaving the bed unmade allows air to circulate. In this way, the bed airs out. And the moisture and heat in the sheets or duvet escape. The best thing to do is to leave the duvet and sheets open and not closed over the mattress. This helps to dry out the moisture trapped in the sheets and mattress. This makes the environment less hospitable to dust mites.

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Especially as they also prefer dark places… And this is true whether you sleep alone or with your partner. When should you make your bed? But that’s no reason not to make your bed at all! Even if we suspect that the children would be delighted (and some of us too!). So the best thing to do is not to make your bed just yet. Open the window and let it air out for at least 15 minutes. There’s a reason why our grandmothers used to air out the sheets on the window! After a few minutes, close the window again.

And only then can you make your bed! Because as grandma used to say, you make your bed… You go to bed! In the end, a well-made bed is always more pleasant in a tidy bedroom. Don’t forget to change your sheets at least once a week to prevent the proliferation of dust mites in your bed.