Why do men often pamper women who “prefer money” more than those who are deeply attached to love?

Women who lead a “gold digger” life know how to give a man what he needs, giving him a feeling of being worshiped. Meanwhile, the wife at home only worries about being a good wife and forgets this.

Men inherently like to pamper and love more materialistic women than women who are more emotional because of the following reasons:

Not knowing how to create something new in love

The foolishness of women is to think that once they get married, they will sacrifice themselves, work hard, and take care of their husband and children, so that their husband will be faithful. But if a marriage doesn’t warm up with new things, it will definitely cool down.

Women who live materialistically know how to give the man what he wants, giving him the feeling of being worshiped. Meanwhile, the wife at home only worries about being a good wife and forgets this.

So even though the wife is good at cooking and taking care of the children, sometimes she forgets to create something new for her husband, which also makes him want to go out and find another woman.

Never make demands

Men love a modest girl who doesn’t make excessive demands, which is what they want. This type of woman never forces her lover to give her expensive, luxurious gifts. Only when you realize sooner or later that he is willing to spend billions to buy gifts for another woman will you become bitter.

If a woman forces herself to never ask a man, she is foolish, because then he will naturally be more indifferent to you. When you don’t ask, he will think you don’t need anything from him. As for the materialistic women out there, they please men but frankly say what they want.

Does not know how to control emotions

Materialistic women always have a goal and to achieve that goal, they will have their own secrets. They know what men need and want and will satisfy them. Meanwhile, women who are deeply in love always only have love and always give without asking for anything in return.

Men love to hear compliments, so materialistic women know how to pour the sweetest words into his ear to make him fall in love. And women who are deeply in love sometimes only know how to praise their husbands in normal sentences, making him not interested in hearing anything.