When you can’t let go of the past…


Remember These 5 Things When You Can’t Let Go Of The Past

1. It’s out of your control.

Whatever happened and it’s officially done. It does not make sense in your world today and the only thing it does is fear and frustration. Try to focus on the things you can control today that make you happy. Think more about these things.

2. You’re a different person.

What happened yesterday helped make you the person you are today. You have grown up, become stronger and probably even wiser. Thank the past for the lessons and continue with your future. If this shit did not happen, imagine how different life would be today. You are the same naive person with people who trample you everywhere. Not if you are smarter than this lesson. You are so much brighter and your life too.

3. You learn something new about them.

The person in question was a friend. You loved them and thought the world of them. It turns out they were not so nice and really bad. I’m glad you found all this now and not much further down the road. It could have ended much worse. Be grateful that you caught yourself early. Ok, they hurt you. Forget that. You are a much better person than you and you are much better without them.

4. That was then, this is now.

Look how much better your life is now. You were shot in the mud and came out smiling. Good for you. Many people really struggle to overcome the difficult moments of their lives. You went through and triumphed. Look at yourself today and slap on your back or take something good the next time a fucking memory recalls. You are a winner. Continue like that.

5. Respect is beautiful.

After all, you came out with a high head and not only a lot of self-esteem, but also respect for others. They no longer rely on the past, even if from time to time a memory is introduced, but you shrug your shoulders and head up. You did it. The next time you think terribly of the past, remember your self-esteem and the way you’ve come. You are amazing.

We all learned a lot from our past. He will always come to make fun of you, but laugh at it, shake it and remind your past that you are now the boss and master of your life.



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