When I look back on my life

It can be so difficult to live in the present moment. We constantly think about where we want to go and where we went, whom we would like to come back to.

The people we loved are gone, the ones we loved, the ones we left behind.

The world as it was at the time. We often remember periods that we can never see again.

We go there often and dream of a future that has not come yet. The house we want to buy, the vacation we want to take, the new car, the new job, the day we are old enough to do it, the day we can do it.

But you do not see? We miss him so much. We may never be able to go back to the past, but every moment that passes will soon be nothing more than a forgotten or loved memory. As soon as you blink for a second, you will never see that it has expired.

If you spend all your days wishing and praying for something else, you will never be able to appreciate the little things going on around you every day.

Support. Take a moment. Do you even know how many blessings are happening in your life right now? “Blessing” does not have to be a box in which we only place big card items. A new material thing, a budding relationship, a luxurious house. What about all the little things?

Did you have enough money in your pocket today? Enjoy a home-cooked meal with the family or a quiet TV dinner? That alone is something to be grateful for.

Woke up this morning with the sun through the window and a roof over your head? Did you get up this morning safely? In good health?

Will you spend your day doing something you love? Do you go to a job that supports your family? Are you going to buy coffee from your favorite place today? Do you meet colleagues for a drink after work? Watch a movie? Read a beautiful book? Blessings Blessings Blessings

Support. Take a moment. Be grateful. For this day For all that it has to offer.
People, places, experiences. All of this.

Remember that this day, this time will never happen again. Take every moment as it comes and be there.

You have a good life. You are so grateful.