When I look at you


I look at you and I can’t believe someone didn’t think you were enough… you’re my everything. – Steve Maraboli.

One Day You’ll Be Someone’s Reason to Settle Down

One day you will be the reason someone still believes. Believe in yourself, believe in true love and believe in your own potential, in your own greatness, for you will unravel all the hidden realms, all the kingdoms they have neglected and all the kingdoms they have always believed see.

One day you will be the person someone else is looking for. They will embody everything they have always dreamed of. They will be the person they thought they would never find on this earth. They will be their idea of ​​perfection. They will be someone’s world and they will do everything to keep you.

One day you will be the person who heals someone’s, broken heart. You will be the person who will make you smile again and who feels loved. You will be the person who takes the pain. You will be the one who has repaired a broken heart and taught it to love again.

One day you will be the reason someone stays. They will be the reason why they do not run away anymore. You will be the person who wants to get you to settle. They will do what no one else could. They will be the exception to the rule. This will be the story everyone tells when he wants to believe in fairy tales again.

One day, you will make easy love for someone. It does not get boring. It will not be toxic. It will not be one way. It will be strong, passionate, exciting and effortless. It will be a smooth ride. It will be the right kind of love that you will realize only after the bad.

One day, you will be the best thing that can happen to someone. They will thank God every day for you. They will appreciate their presence in their lives as they feel alive. They will wonder what they did to make someone like you. They will walk with the biggest smile on their faces.

One day, you will finally understand why all the others are gone, why they were wrong about you, why they never stayed with anyone else because you will be with the one who brings out the best of you and know that you are the best person for you.

One day you will be the one who will reach the end. You know that the search is finally over and that your happy ending is near.


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