We Bet You Can’t Pass This Tricky General Knowledge Quiz

This random, tricky general knowledge test has a fail rate of 82%. Are you capable of beating the odds? Test your knowledge by taking this test now!

Read the question then choose one of the answers, the right answer will be given below but don’t cheat. Good luck to you.

1. The word, “slackers,” is spelled by using the first letters of the words in the following sentence: “Silent large anteaters calmly kiss each roasted snack.”

2. Gary has only forty-eight dollars, but he can buy a bicycle that costs one hundred twenty dollars, (disregarding tax) if he borrows fifty-seven dollars from Jane and fifteen dollars from Jill.

3. A round wall clock that has been rotated until it is hanging upside down will have a minute hand that points to your right when it is two forty-five.

4. The words, “auctioned education, and cautioned,” all use the exact same letters.


1, True

2. True

3, True.

4. True