Things Women Wish Men Would Understand About Dating


1. The friend zone isn’t real. We’re just really not into you that way.

Seriously, what’s wrong with a female friend? Why do so many people find it so terrible to be rejected?

Rejection is part of life, and at least you can now say that you have a friend ready to be there for you when you approach other girls. Most women want men to simply learn to continue and not complain about injustice. Life isn’t fair. Deal with it.

2. If you have to tell us you’re a nice guy, you’re probably not.

I’m just saying that a lot of people do not understand that. Others will tell you that you are kind and interested in yourself, if you are kind. If they do not, you are not nice.

3. Not all women find muscles attractive.

They are shocked by the number of girls who choose a sleek geek body type or a “big bear” body type. Trust us when we say that a six pack does not allow s*x as fast as you think.

4. Arrogance isn’t sexy.

Many people, especially those of the “pick-up artist” type, assume this hypothesis. All that an arrogant idiot does is give up lasting relationships.

5. Stop assuming women are gold diggers, want to be housewives, or want to have kids.

Not all women like these things, and most of them are not very enthusiastic. Most women want their own career and do not feel so comfortable when they rely on a man. In addition, 20% of women will never have children, so they put an end to this hypothesis.

6. We’d rather be with an average looking guy who takes care of himself than a gorgeous man who doesn’t shower or exercise.

Men are perhaps best known for being flat and asking for a slim girl, but the fact is that it’s also important for women. The key here is hygiene. If you are well cared for and treated, you are already a winner on this issue.

7. Yes, we can be friends with men without having any sexual tension.

Surprise! Just as men can make friends with women without being attracted to them, women can make friends with men without kissing them. That’s great, is not it?

8. Women dress for women, not men.

This is a general statement, but for the most part, it’s true. Women do not dress to please or attract men. They dress as they want because they like to dress. So stop acting like a girl and ask her if she’s wearing a skirt.