These 2 palm lines will allow you to know whether your marriage is happy or not

Those who are lucky enough to own one of the two palm lines below predict that after marriage, life will be full and happy, the couple will be peaceful, and have abundant wealth.

1. When you put your hands close together, the lines on both sides of the heart are equal in height

When skillfully cupping the two hands, left and right, together, the heart lines on both sides are of equal height, not skewed and form a straight line, curved up at both ends – this is a good sign that this person will have a perfect marriage.

They themselves are quite rational, calm, and good at thinking, so they are quite picky and want a partner who is quiet, erudite, skillful, and thoughtful. They often like to marry someone much older than them as their spouse, and life after “getting together” will be quite peaceful. When they get old, their feelings still remain unchanged.

2. When you put your hands together, the lines on both sides of the heart are skewed

The difference here is that the left side is high and the right side is low. In palm reading, this is a sign that the owner of this hand prefers to marry someone younger than him or tends to marry someone younger than him. foreign.

They themselves have personality, always think flawlessly and are very independent. If you’re female, you’ll be a strong woman; if you’re male, you’ll be a successful man at a young age. Marrying someone with an open mind and open personality, they will easily have a happy and sweet love between husband and wife, rarely arguing.

*The information in the article is for reference and contemplation purposes only