The Majority Of Americans Can’t Spot Missing Number On The First Try

Most people think they can count to 50. Take this quiz to see if you can easily spot the missing number in the sequence!

Note: The solution is situated below.

Were you able to see the missing number? In case no, we can provide the answer for you!

(PLEASE don’t scroll down unless you already gave up answering.)





Yes, that’s right! The Answer is 42!

How fast were you able to distinguish the missing number? Please share it with us in the comment section below! Also, don’t forget to share this with your family and friends for them to be challenged as well!

Only a genius will find the hidden number in this picture

Find the hidden number inside the picture!

Below, there is a picture that consists of many dots.

Somewhere among these dots, there’s a four-digit number hiding.

Can you see it?

Here is the picture. Good luck!

Did you find the hidden number?

If not, then you can try to look at the picture from other angles and distances, that way it becomes easier.

If you can’t see the number, we will show you the answer after the picture below.




Time for the answer

The answer is 5691.

Now that you know the answer, it may be easier to find.

Can you see it now?

Did you manage to solve this puzzle? Did you find it?