The foolproof rice trick to keep ants away from your home in minutes


Ants very often settle within the walls of our homes. Action must therefore be taken before the invasion becomes too large to be controlled. Here is the rice method to drive ants away from the house in a few minutes.

Rice against ants

Among the most common insects in Italian homes are ants. These are small animals that may appear harmless on the surface, but in reality conceal more than one trap. Ants are capable of creating real colonies, which can become very difficult to eradicate. Ants have a queen, the one who takes care of laying the eggs.

There are also ants that take care of the construction of the anthill and supplies for the winter. Although most ants may be harmless, these little animals can be carriers of many diseases. This is because they can frequent very dirty environments and even pass through sewer pipes. Let’s find out a few tricks to keep them away.

What are ants attracted to?

Ants are small insects that hibernate during the winter period. This is precisely why their presence is more noticeable during spring and summer, as they come out in search of supplies at this time of year. These insects have a highly developed sense of smell, which is why they are able to capture smells even from long distances.

How to ward off ants

There is a great deal of food inside houses, which is precisely why these tiny animals are attracted to our homes. Ants are very fond of food, especially sweet food such as honey, fruit and sugar. They then tend to take refuge inside houses as it is in these places that they might have access to endless water reserves for them. Depending on which species they belong to, ants are able to distinguish themselves.

The Argentine ant, for example, prefers domestic environments because it drinks so much water. This is why its presence is most commonly found in bathrooms and near showers and sinks. The Pharaoh ant, on the other hand, is more frequently found in the kitchen, as it is eager to grab a few crumbs of sweet food.

How to get ants out of the house quickly

There are dozens and dozens of insecticides on the market that can get rid of ants without any problems. These substances can be dangerous, especially for people with animals or small children. The chemicals are very dangerous and more often than not end up travelling through the air.

How to keep ants away

To ensure family well-being, it is best to opt for some all-natural remedies that can make all the difference. Foremost among them is white vinegar, which, mixed with a little water, could keep ants away permanently. The same applies to the use of a popular plant that is often used to create household cleaners.

We are referring to lavender, which can be broken up and placed in small cloth bags in the desired places. Not to be overlooked is the possibility of using borax, a mineral that is very effective against ants. The effect will become even stronger if sugar is added to it.

How to get rid of ants with the rice trick

There are various methods of trying to keep ants away, but the natural ones seem to have more followers than the others. One of the most popular and surprising ones has been dubbed the rice trick. This will not only get rid of all the ants that sneak into the house, but will also keep away any that arrive in the future.

To implement this move, you will need to take uncooked rice and place it in the places where you have noticed the presence of ants. After a few days, you will be able to see how the ants, noticing the rice, will try to take it to their burrow. When the animals eat the food, however, it will swell on contact with their gastric juices and prevent them from feeding again. In this way, the insects will die within a few days and there is no need for chemical and dangerous insecticides.

Many people have experimented with the rice trick and have thus seen the effectiveness of this remedy. Trying it costs nothing and could solve a problem that could otherwise have several consequences in the future.