The answer will make many people resee themselves

Always cherish your loved ones, especially the people who will accompany you the longest throughout your life.

In this life, you will meet and know a lot of people, but some people keep going and going and eventually leave you, some people keep talking and talking and then the feelings fade, and there are people who have known each other for a long time but gradually it changed.

There may be many people who can only walk with you for a part of the journey, but there are very few people who can walk with you for the rest of your life.

The people who have been with you the longest are not your parents and children, not your brothers or friends, not even your colleagues or lovers, but your other half, your life partner, that is the person you will live with for your whole life.

Even sincere friends cannot be with you forever, even good parents cannot always be there to protect you, even close children cannot live by your side forever. Only husband and wife, who we still call life partners, can live together and be with you every morning and evening.

Our parents brought us into this world, loving us wholeheartedly without asking for anything in return. But one day they will grow old, get sick, and eventually leave and can no longer be with us.

We bring our children into this world, we always try to take good care of them. But then they will gradually grow up, get married, have children, and have families of their own, so they won’t be able to stay with us forever.

Treat your other half well

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Having lived together since they were young, helped and relied on each other in old age, and raised their children together, the time the two of them spent together was probably the longest in their lives.

The parents are gone, the children are all married, close relatives live far away, friends are all in different places, only husband and wife will always be together, he will go for a walk with you, She will be there to take care of you.

Be very appreciative of your partner. When you were young, it was because you treated her well that she stayed by your side. When you were young, you treated him sincerely, so he loved you wholeheartedly.

Don’t lose the wife who always loves you the most, and don’t lose the man who loves you the most, because after all, they are the ones who will stay with you the longest in this life.

Every time I see old people helping each other walk, I naturally feel extremely admired. They have gone through many ups and downs in life together but are still together as always.

Cherish the relationship between husband and wife!


Between husband and wife, there must be mutual help and reliance to be able to respect each other for life.

In this world, husband and wife are the relationships that make people stick together the longest. With the help of the other half, the two of them together overcome many ups and downs, sweet and romantic of life to write. so a simple but happy story.

A normal couple can be together for decades, with both sides being each other’s support, trust, and motivation to live.

1, Always know how to compliment each other.

2, Always listen to each other’s opinions.

3, Try to calm down when a dispute or argument gets out of control.

4, Always face each other frankly and praise each other.

5, Give each other hugs or kisses of comfort when encountering difficulties.

It is difficult for a husband and wife living together to avoid conflicts and disputes, but a psychiatrist once said that a couple with a successful marriage always knows how to confide and share and grasp a few tips when living together. together.