Smart use of plastic bottles in the kitchen

In this ingenious reuse trick, we will discover how to give a second life to those plastic bottles that we normally throw away.

We will transform simple containers into useful kitchen accessories that will facilitate our daily tasks.

Discover how to turn plastic bottles into practical tools to optimize your space and simplify your life in the kitchen!


5 liter plastic bottles
1 Cutter
Insulating tape
1 Scissors


To start, we can make a cut the size of our hand in the upper part of the plastic bottle. It must be facing up to be able to insert bags, vegetables, among other things.
Before using it in multiple ways, we will cover the sharp edges with insulating tape.
The result is a very practical container to store anything. In some cases the recommendation is to drill holes so that it receives ventilation. Especially if what we are going to preserve are vegetables or fruits.
Incredible trick! It’s very practical!


Tips for smart use of plastic bottles in the kitchen:

– Safety First: When cutting or handling plastic bottles, be sure to cover the edges with electrical tape to prevent cuts.

– Creativity in storage: Transform bottles into practical containers for storing food packages, allowing you to keep your kitchen tidier.
Ventilation for vegetables: If you drill holes in the container, you can use it to store vegetables, providing them with the ventilation needed to stay fresher for longer.

– Space optimization: Discover new ways to take advantage of the space in your refrigerator by using plastic bottles to store food efficiently.

Environmental awareness: Remember to recycle plastic bottles properly when you no longer need them, thus helping to reduce the environmental impact.

These tips will help you make the most of plastic bottles in the kitchen in an ingenious and practical way!