Should You Stay Or Go When Your Partner Cheats?


12 Reasons Why You Should End Things If Your Partner Is Cheating:

1. Your partner is not sorry and you can feel it.

2. Emotionally and physically this is taking too much of a toll on you.

3. You deserve better, period.

4. You cannot move on from the fact that he/she cheated.

5. It wasn’t just physical cheating but also emotional.

6. He or she is still hiding things from you.

7. You know your partner does not respect you.

8. He or she refuses to cut contact with the person he or she cheated with.

9. Your partner was not ‘responsible’ in his or her actions while cheating.

10. It has happened more than just once or twice.

11. Your partner blames you for his/her affair.

12. You’re not happy anymore.