Only People with Seriously Sharp Vision Can Spot the Hidden 83’s

Give your brain and eyes a workout by finding all of the hidden 83’s! Click to start and remember you’re on the clock! Visual brain teasers like this one improve eyesight, attention, and mental focus. See how quickly you can spot the odd one out in this picture: Play brain challenges you to check yourself: how quickly can you find the ’83’?

1. Find  Number 83!

2. Find Number 83!

IF you found the 83, This means that you in the top 10% of people who play this game. keep going! Remember, no cheating. Don’t give up! Please take the rest of the questions! You can do this!! We hope you did great on this test!

Ready again? Go for it!

3. Find Number 83!

You got one of the highest scores 😀 You observational skills are impeccable! Nice going! We are so jealous of you right now! Was that too easy for you?