Only People With Almost Perfect Vision Can Find The Odd One Out

There is an odd one out however in each image and let’s see how many you can get right. Now obviously you can literally take a pen and go one by one, but the challenge is to figure it out with just your eyes. If you can find them all you have a perfect vision

Look at the image, scan it well, and try to focus on the odd one out. It shouldn’t be too hard, but then again it’s not likely you’ll get it within seconds.

Let’s start:

Test. 1 Wow, it’s a hard test.

Test 2. Let’s check if you had a perfect vision

Test 3. The next one

Test 4. Only people with almost perfect vision can find the odd one out

In any case, here are the right answers, continue scrolling only if you have found it yourself!

Test 1.

test 2,

test 3

test 4