Not all people are able to do it – can you find the odd emoji out?


Only a “true brainiac” can pass this tricky test: Can you find the odd emoji out?

The three puzzles below share the same principle. In the picture, you can see a lot of emojis that look the same — except for one. You have 15 seconds to find it, so look carefully and concentrate very hard.

Here is the first picture. Can you find the odd emoji out?

Remember, you only have 15 seconds. All you have to do is find the odd emoji in the image below! Sounds easy right? Well, give it a go!

Did you find the emoji that stands out?

If not, you can see the solution below!




Did you spot it? How easy was that for you? You can double-check your answer below – but don’t cheat 😉

Now, it’s time for the second challenge.

Will you be able to find the odd emoji out?

How did it go this time? Did you find the symbol that‘s different?

If not, we will tell you the answer below!




Finally, it’s time for puzzle number 3.

Can you find the odd symbol out?

Below, you can see a picture filled with heart emojis. However, one heart stands out from the rest. Can you find it?

Were you able to find the odd heart out?

If yes, congratulations.

If not, the answer will be below.




There at the bottom, to the right! It’s a broken heart.

Did you find at least one of these two emojis?