Michigan Mom Tucks 10-Day-Old Daughter Inside Gown While Graduating College: ‘Kept Her with Me’

A new mother proudly participated in her graduation ceremony, tenderly holding her newborn daughter within the folds of her gown.

Grace Szymchack, a recent alumna of Ferris State University, demonstrated an impressive combination of maternal responsibilities and academic achievements. She walked across the graduation stage with her newborn daughter, Annabelle, snuggled inside her gown.

Attaining a college degree is a noteworthy achievement that requires dedicated effort and rigorous academic focus. For Grace, this achievement was even more special as she juggled her role as a new mother. On the day of her graduation, she stood among her peers, her daughter quietly tucked away in her gown.

A YouTube video revealed this unique aspect of her attire, with a small hand peeking out, symbolizing her dual role.

Originally, Grace intended to have Annabelle after completing her graduation, but her daughter arrived a little sooner than expected. Having Annabelle with her on this important day was a source of joy for Grace. “It felt nice to have her by my side,” she stated.