It’s not enough for some people.

Do not forget in a society that keeps telling us who we should be. Do not forget the moments when you put a smile on someone’s face. Think of a joke that made someone smile, or simply a compliment on how their fears made them look perverted. Do not forget the moments when you have influenced people not only with your words but also with your actions. Do not forget the times you have loved with all your heart, dreaming with all your strength and lived to the best of your ability.

You must remember that your movement speaks louder than any opposite argument could resist again. Do not forget the hopes and dreams you have in changing the world around a small act of kindness. Remember that your very existence has changed more lives than you can count and that your endurance has led more people to where they are destined.

Remember that your mind and soul have sufficiently inspired those who need it most.

Remember that your beauty has transcended your outside and inside of what the whole world can see. You must remember everything that makes you so happy to live, and that made you believe that our world was not a ship in distress, but a work in progress.

I know you can not live the life you have envisioned. You may be stuck in a job that you do not personally enjoy, or you find yourself exhausted mentally or emotionally many times. However, you must remember that when you are looking for better opportunities in your life, you do not need approval at all. I know you can think of yourself as someone who can be easily influenced, but you must believe that changing your thoughts into a situation is as powerful as doing it physically.

Remember that everything that is happening in your life right now is carefully placed by the universe to prepare you for whatever you have asked for.

Please, do not forget all your joys along the way. Do not forget the little things that make you happy, the smaller events you expect and the people you need to meet. Remember the life you have left to live. The life you’ve imagined since you were a little girl or girl, do not let them down.

Remember that you are a fighter.

How inexorably you have fought to win all that is good in your life right now. Do not forget the strength you have developed through all the obstacles you have overcome. Remember that everything that has happened in the past must remain there, because it is always an irrelevant reference in your present moments. Do not forget your level of perseverance, perseverance and optimism. Please never bear in mind that negativity will solve the problems you are currently facing.

Finally, you have to close your eyes for a second. You must imagine that you feel happier than ever. Now, tell me, why are you so full of joy now? What do you think happened when you smiled from one ear to another?

Whatever it is, I have to open my eyes now because you have to see how everything starts in your head. What you are going to project is how your thoughts are the most powerful creators of all that you desire.

Take care of your thoughts, your life depends on it.



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