Interview Candidate Asks To Use The Bathroom And Drives Home After Learning How Low The Salary Is – DEFUSED

How would you feel if a company lied to you about your salary just to lure you into an interview? Angry and betrayed, right? One of the many reasons why you apply to a certain company for a certain job is due to a good salary package. And when you realize that requirement does not get fulfilled by the company, you would want to run away from it as far as possible as quickly as you can. 

In today’s story posted on the infamous subreddit r/antiwork, we get given a practical example of this. Jessica got an interview call and her excited self went for it. During the interview, her confidence was good enough to ask what salary will they pay her to which she disappointingly found out that they had lowered her original rate by $3.15. As she was not getting the agreed-upon rate, she proceeded to ask why. To this, the interviewer responded by saying you are already here so you might as well take the offer. 

Guess what? Jessica did not take the offer, instead, she asked to go to the bathroom, left the building, and went home. 

Scroll down below to read how it all went down.