If you put this object in the washing machine, your shoes will regain their original shine.

Although machine washing is a convenient way to care for your shoes, it’s essential to know which types of shoes are suitable for this technique, as well as which ones to avoid. Discover our tips and tricks for optimum results when machine-washing your shoes.

Which shoes should not be washed in the washing machine?

Shoes get dirty every day, but not all of them can benefit from a trip to the washing machine:

Delicate materials such as suede or leather are not suitable for this method.

Similarly, shoes adorned with studs, sequins or other fragile details should not be subjected to this watery adventure.

Heels, membrane shoes and those glued by hand or by a professional should also be excluded from machine washing.

If you put this object in the washing machine, your shoes will regain their original shine.

For hassle-free cleaning, some shoes are ideal for machine washing, especially fabric shoes such as canvas tennis shoes, Converse, fleece slippers like Bensimon or Pataugas, and even some hiking boots. It’s preferable to have them sewn rather than glued. Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions inside each pair to ensure that your shoes can withstand this treatment.

Our tips for machine-washing your shoes

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Before placing your shoes in the washing machine, carefully remove the laces and insoles for optimum washing.

Opt for the lowest temperature (30°C) and spin speed (400 rpm maximum) to preserve the quality of your shoes.

Use conventional washing products, but avoid fabric softener, which can alter certain materials.

Add a towel to protect your shoes from bumps and rubbing.

Our tips for drying your shoes

After washing, gently remove your shoes and let them air-dry at room temperature.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, radiators or tumble dryers, which could compromise their integrity.

For extra protection, invest in special shoe-washing bags.