If You Can Find All 6 People In This Image, You Are TRULY A Detail-Oriented.

The image below will put your eyesight to the test. It’s an optical illusion which is meant to trick your eyes and stump your brain. Hidden in among the black and white drawing are a total of six distinct people. How many you will be able to detect and see will depend on how perceptive you truly are!

Take a look at it now and find out if you have average perception skills or visual abilities which are much more finely tuned than the majority of the population!

The first person that most people see is the most obvious – the old man with his back turned to you:

Next, many people notice the woman in a tree standing in front of the man with his back to you:

Then, if you look to the left and right of the woman in the tree, you can see two faces looking at you – those are the next two people in the photo.

If you look very closely at the figure on the left you can see another man inside that face, who looks like he might be painting the woman in the tree:

Finally, if you step back from the photo and look at it as a whole you can see one large face made up of the environment: