If These Things Happen To Your Relationship, It’s Better To Give Up On Him and Move On

If These Things Happen To Your Relationship, It’s Better To Give Up On Him and Move On

1. He doesn’t respect you (and his behavior shows it).

Ask yourself if any of these behaviors sound familiar:

– He ignores you when you’re talking, or he interrupts or talks over you.
– He criticizes you — even in front of other people — or talks down to you.
– He blames you when you call him out for disrespectful behavior.

You have a right to want a relationship based on mutual respect. If he’s not willing to work toward that with you, he’s not the right guy.

2. You can’t count on him.

You can’t trust him to show up when you need him. He can’t be bothered to help when you need a hand. And you definitely don’t trust him to have your back.

So, what exactly can you count on him for?

– To make excuses
– To avoid the hard stuff
– To keep you on standby

You deserve a real relationship with someone who’s there for you. He’s not it.

3. You have nothing (or not enough) in common.

When you try to think of things you both enjoy doing together — or that you can both talk about with equal interest — you come up empty. Maybe you can think of one thing, which you’d rather not say out loud. And that one thing isn’t enough to build a relationship on.

Also, consider that, while you might both enjoy the physical part of the relationship, you’d both enjoy it more if you felt truly connected.

And you can have that — just not with him.

4. Staying with him feels like settling for less than you want.

You want to feel happy with him. You keep looking for hints that he feels the same way because you want to feel loved, understood, and wanted when you’re together.

And you want to feel the same about him, no matter how many times he makes you feel alone or undervalued. But wanting to feel that way isn’t enough.

What do you see in each other, after all? And what do you want to see? Because whatever it is, you’re not seeing it. And neither, it seems, is he.

5. He makes you feel needy or desperate.

Every time you feel overwhelmed or sad or in need of support, he makes you feel as though you need too much. Maybe all you want is a comforting hug, and he acts as though you’re suffocating him.

Or you ask him to just listen as you tell him about a painful experience, and he acts as though you’re making your time together all about you. The way he acts makes you wonder things like, “Am I too needy?” or “Am I too selfish?”

Yet when he has something to say, he expects your undivided attention.