I destroyed my son’s wedding, should I regret this?

My child used to be a good spouse and father, but now he betrays his significant other and does not spend time with his children. Mike’s relationship with Tommy’s mother, Jane, fell apart after my grandson was born with Down syndrome. He then left. I discovered that he is getting married once more.

I believe that as mothers, we should encourage and support our children. Furthermore, that is why I accept that my actions were legal.
This is the origin story. My child, Mike, married when he was very young because his then-sweetheart, Jane, became pregnant. It was hurried, but I admired Jane when I first met her. She was a typical young lady in the area, which I cherished for Mike.

Sweet little Tommy, my most memorable grandchild, was conceived a few months later! He was born with Down syndrome and has the most beautiful blue eyes of all time. Tommy’s birth with Down Syndrome, however, had a significant impact on Jane and Mike’s lives. Mike began undermining her, and regardless of their child or offer history, he sought legal separation.

Mike left Tommy with just Jane to really focus on him. Obviously, I was still near and would do everything under the sun to help them both. However, it wasn’t something similar. A kid needs to have the two guardians — given that they are alive and relaxing.

However, Mike didn’t even attempt to see his child or assist with outing in any capacity. I could hardly imagine how my child could be so relentless.

I beseech him to return or to basically take care of Jane. In any case, he shut the entryway right in front of me each and every time.

And afterward, the situation starts to get interesting.

Last month, my nephew, Liam, approached me to get a cake for his mom — I’m the assigned family cook. What’s more, he let me know that Mike was getting hitched once more.

I was amazed.

In all actuality, I scarcely had very much familiarity with Mike nowadays. From his new position to who he was seeing, I knew nothing. All I realized now was that Mike had discovered an unfortunate young lady to wed him. Furthermore, that I wasn’t welcomed. I asked Liam for the location, and he gave it decisively.

The sum total of my thoughts was Jane and Tommy. When did Mike transform into such an alternate man?

Quick forward to the wedding.

I heard Mike’s voice when I was strolling up the congregation as he said his commitments. I walked around, holding Tommy on my hip, his tacky hands in my hair. The shock all over will be for the rest of time invaluable to me.

“Before you say, ‘I do’ once more, Michael St. John, meet your first ‘I did’ and the family you deserted,” I said.

I tended to his poor life partner. She was a sweet little kid, and I felt horrible that the distressed look all over was a direct result of me.

Then, at that point, the officiant required a break, advising the visitors to head outside and get a beverage before the service continued. I was good with that. However much I needed to humiliate Mike, I would have rather not harmed his lady more than needed. Be that as it may, not many individuals left. The greater part of Mike’s family was entertained by what I said, while his lady of the hour’s family could scarcely hold back their shock.

I spilled everything — from how he got hitched youthful to having Tommy, undermining Jane, lastly, separating from her with next to no monetary assistance for his child. I cautioned her about the thing she was getting into.

“He might be my blood,” I told her, with Mike pacing behind her, “yet I didn’t raise him to be this way. Jane is to a greater extent a girl to me currently as opposed to Mike is a child.”

I held Tommy nearer to me, my little grandson who brought such a lot of affection into my life, while he sucked his thumb.

“Your child deserves a dad who doesn’t leave him. You are terrible, Mike. Furthermore, such an alternate individual from that wonderful kid I raised and cherished more than anything.”

I left, leaving a room loaded with paralyzed visitors, a child in shock, and his life partner rethinking the man she went gaga for.

The following day, Liam and his mom (my sister) came over for espresso.

Liam said that Mike’s life partner burst out crying as the congregation entryways shut behind Tommy and me. He said she tossed her wedding bouquet at Mike, removed her shoes, and left the service, with her family pursuing her.

Mike was humiliated, angry, and stupefied before the visitors, who were attached to their seats, presumably trusting that Jane will show up.

I realize that perhaps destroying his wedding appears to be somewhat extreme. I’ll just let it out. However, the purpose in this whole thing was to show Mike a significant illustration.

Things aren’t over for him; he can still make it ideal for Tommy. I’m available to Mike as he returns to our family as a child and father. On the other hand, if that is too much for him, I will make do with him taking some sort of ownership over Tommy.

However, you tell me that: Am I right in destroying my child’s wedding? Assuming this is the case, I appreciate your understanding.

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