How Quickly Can You Spot The Difference Couple From The Others?

We all grew up playing ‘spot-the-difference’ and enjoyed solving them so this is a more challenging grown-up version! All you have to do is find the couple that is different from the rest. Sounds easy enough, right? Give it a go!





How quickly did you find a different couple? You can double-check that you are right by checking the answer below – don’t peek before you give it a go!

Did you enjoy this old school brainteaser?

Only 3% Of People Can Find The Odd One Out!

These Hello Kitties are adorable! Can YOU find the odd one out?

How well do you notice small details?

[Level 1] Find the odd one out:

[Level 2] Find the odd one out:

[Level 3] Find the odd one out:

How is it going? Are those brain cells feeling a little tingly yet? Do not throw it the towel, just the beginning. We have got your back! The mind only gives up if you tell it to, so push on! We trust that you’ll do good! Push on ahead! You’ve got this!

[Level 4] Find the odd one out:

[Level 5] Find the odd one out:

[Level 6] Find the odd one out:

We bet it was harder than expected! Only people with great skills can pass all the questions! Please take the rest of the questions! Just one more left! You can do this!! We hope you did great on this test! Keep it up!!!

[Level 7] Find the odd one out:

[Level 8] Find the odd one out:

[Level 9] Find the odd one out:

Congratulations! You have passed all levels!!

You have awesome analytical skills! Good for you.