How Quickly Can You Find the Odd One Out in This Puzzle?

If you are growing tired of passive screen time and want to give your eyes and brain a challenge, we’ve got the perfect trio of puzzles for you.

Can you find all of odds in these puzzle? Each is slightly trickier than the last. So, whether you’re already a skilled puzzle aficionado or brand-new to the world of brainteasers, you’ll find something here to suit your level. Simply scroll down and look at each puzzle in turn. Spoiler: All answers are at the end!

1. There is just one odd, can you find it?

2. This one has 2 odds, you have 60s to find it

3. The next one has 3 odds, try you best!

If you found 100% of them, congratulations! Your attention to detail is impeccable and you have amazing cognitive abilities! Nothing goes past you unnoticed! When lucky things come your way, you’ll be sure to find them.

Have a blessed rest of your day, stay kind, and always remember that you are loved!

If you can not find the answer check them bellow:

1. the odd is very hard to find.


3. And the last one have 3 odd