How Many Watermelons Can You See? All you need to answer

This fascinating brainteaser will help determine whether you are left or right brained. All you need is to answer this simple question:

How many watermelons can you see?

Different people find a different number of watermelons due to their way of thinking and – what is more important – either their left or right hemisphere is predominant.

Eight, six and five are, in fact, the most common answers. Interesting, right?

If YOUR answer is 8 then you are logical, analytical and objective.

These features determine you as a left-brained person whose ideal jobs include being a scientist, a lawyer or an engineer.

If you got six or five watermelons, then it turns out you are right-brained.

Right-brainers are believed to be creative, visionary and intuitive, and their ideal occupations included being an artist, a writer, and a designer.