How Many Letters “B” Can You Find On The Picture?


How often do you exercise your eyes? If you have a moment, you can do it now! There are hidden B-s among the numbers “8”, and there are more than 2. How many can you find? You have only 10 seconds for counting the letters B.

Scroll down for the answer.







How many letters did you find? You had a nice workout for your eyes, even if you don’t get the right answer. The answer is: there are 8 letters B in the picture.


Can You Spot It All? People Are Arguing Over How Many Faces Are Hidden In This Tree!

Life is full of riddles and conundrums which many of us succumb to, trying to work out the answers, and now we have another, which has been doing the rounds on social media recently.

The following image may just look like a normal tree from a distance, but the closer you look, you will see that it contains multiple faces. How many faces, however, is yet to be agreed upon.

According to the i100, the image was drawn in the 1880s for Harper’s Illustrated, depicting the national leaders of different countries in between the branches.

But there is a debate as to whether there are 10 or 11 faces contained within the drawing. Perhaps you can’t even spot ten faces, or maybe you can see more than 11. The answer, nevertheless, is likely to remain unknown.






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