How Fast Can You Find The Snake Hidden In These Giraffes?

This latest puzzle by Playbuzz includes giraffes gathered on the ground and popping out from the trees above.

But in amongst them somewhere is a sneaky snake, who unfortunately is sporting the exact same pattern and color scheme as the giraffes.

Although this sounds like an easy task, the snake is better at hiding than you might think.

There is a snake hidden in these giraffes. How fast can you find it? Have fun!!!

Look carefully, the snack is the same with Giraffes

One more task:

Can YOU spot the giraffe among these animals?

How fast can you find the giraffe?

Check the answer below:

1. The snake can be found near the edge of the right-hand side of the puzzle. The snake looks to be stood up vertical and it’s rating on a leaf.

2. The giraffe was purple, making it harder to spot next to the fluorescent animals