How Fast Can You Count All Of The Matches In This Photo?

‘Count the matches’ is back and here’s another picture riddle that will put your visual skills to the test.

Solving viral puzzles and pictures is a great way to have fun while training your eyesight and boosting your brainpower.

This time, you are asked to take a closer look at the photo above. In the picture, there are several matches and it’s your job to count how many there are.

Keep in mind that there’s a shiny lighter in the middle and it is reflecting some of the matches lying on the table. The matches in the reflection, however, do not count

Take another look at the photo above before sharing your final answer with your friends on Facebook and challenging them to complete the test as well.

Here comes the answer.

The total number of matches seen in the photo is eight!

That’s right, and to prove that this answer is correct, here’s the setup from another point of view. If you try to count the matches now, your job will suddenly seem much easier as there’s no reflection left to distract you.