Goodbye ants with this cheap natural solution: the game changer

Ants come indoors as we approach spring. Ants are attracted to heat, crumbs and food scraps that may be left in the kitchen. Although they are not dangerous insects, no one likes to see them at home.

But instead of using chemicals to get rid of them, here are some eco-friendly tips to fix the problem.

How ants enter the house

No matter where we live, in the country or in the city, small black or red ants can enter through many gaps. It is always good practice to check for cracks and crevices around windows, doors , window frames, and other potential insect entry.

If you’ve already noticed ants in the house, simply follow them to find the access point and once you figure out where they are coming from, close the doors. Cracks and fissures can be sealed with silicone and caulk , perhaps including a repellent product such as cinnamon or coffee grounds before closing the entrance. Silicone-coated latex and acrylic sealants are not always effective on ants because they can burrow in.

Another good remedy to keep ants away from your home is to use coffee grounds to scatter around the outside perimeter, along the wall or in the garden.

The hat method to keep ants away

There is a remedy against the ants that are depopulating. The hat method: what exactly is it about?

It is an easy and super effective remedy to eliminate ants from the house: a trap made with baking soda and icing sugar , you just have to get a large cap, like the ones in sauce bottles, and put a tablespoon of baking soda inside and another of icing sugar.

The ingredients must be mixed well so that they amalgamate, and the final mixture must be placed on 2 or 3 plugs to be placed in the relevant points of the house. You will see that after a few days, the number of ants will have decreased drastically.

Why do ants invade the house?

Small ants are not dangerous insects for humans, but they are annoying. They live in anthills inside logs, or in the ground, cracks in walls, fissures in wood, etc. When spring returns after the long winter, they can enter our homes in search of food to feed the entire colony. In fact, as soon as it finds food, even a single ant, it will go directly to its colony to bring some “reinforcements.”

Ants target leftovers and candy , and it’s not uncommon to see them in trash cans, in the kitchen, or in the pantry. Ants are so small that they can squeeze through windows and door frames, or through cracks in walls or water pipes!

But thanks to the spices, the remains of the coffee, and following the trick of the cap full of baking soda and icing sugar, we can keep them away from our homes in a natural and safe way for everyone.