Four Sisters Decided To Care For Their Elderly Sister, Who Was In Hospice Care For Her Final Days

A 97-year-old woman wanted to spend her final days at her home, so she went under hospice care. Upon learning that, her sisters made the decision to look after their aging sister.

The sisters agreed to get together and take care of their older sister as they would only get one more chance to visit her after finding out that she only had one week to live.

All of the sisters, who were over their 90s, had gathered together and spent the final days of their elder sister together.

When they took care of their older sister’s needs, they demonstrated their unwavering love for one another.

The sisters had brushed their elder sister’s hair and gave her kisses and hugs. They made sure that their sister was feeling that she was loved, until she was gone.

Nicole Hauff had shared the moments and the story of her grandmother, through Love What Matters.

Hauff disclosed that her grandmother desired to live out her last days at home with hospice care. She was happy to have her four sisters around to provide her with care till her death.

“My 97-year-old grandma is being lovingly cared for by her sisters, all in their 90s. When my sisters are old, I will brush their hair and make sure they look pretty, until the very end.” Hauff shared.

“My Grandma and her sisters have influenced my sisters and I to love unconditionally. We call them the Grandmas and they continue to teach us how to love well.”

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