Find The Odd One In Less Than 30 Seconds

Can you find all the hidden “Q”s in this picture?

The challenge below is a typical example of what my friends and I usually send to each other. All you need to do is to find the odd one out. But be careful, it will get harder and harder.

Let’s challenge your friends as well – who can find it faster? And don’t worry! If you get stuck, you can scroll down to check out the answer. Are you up for the challenge? Go for it!

1. Odd one out!

2. Can you find the odd one out?

Did you get it right without looking? Well, let’s see if you can get the next one as well:

3. Spot the odd one!

4. Spot the odd one!

Did you find all the answers? How long did it take? So far so good? Are your eyes getting tired now?

5. Find the odd one out!

6. Can you find the odd one out?

Did you do it in time? Let’s continue to the next round!

7. Can you spot the odd one?

Nice one – let’s do the last one! You can do it!

8. Can you find the odd one out?










Wow!! That was a tough one but you rocked it! Even if you did not find it in time, this was quite a challenge for your brain. And if you did it: Yeah! Well done!