Every woman deserves a man


“You might not believe It, but you’re eventually going to find a man who will truly value you.”

Most of us will experience heartbreak during our lives and it is usually more than one time. Through these heartbreaks, you experience things you never thought you would. So much suffering has caused quite a bit of pain as well.

Along with the pain, you’ve made sacrifices for the ones you loved. You’ve always been willing to be selfless if that meant you could hold on to this love.

And, now you feel that everything you did was for nothing. That’s why you will feel frustrated more than anything. You simply don’t have anything to show for everything that you did for love and that’s what is breaking your spirit.

You remember always making an effort to be there for the other person but they didn’t seem to reciprocate. You wanted to be available whenever they needed you, but they did not appreciate or even notice you or your worth.

You always dove deep in the relationships with your whole being only hoping they would do the same for you. You were not demanding but just wanted the same thing in return.

It never happened. Every time you opened yourself up, it seems it only benefited them. It’s like they threw you to the side and set you out with the garbage.

It’s a very strange thing for you because most of the people you were with seemed to need more than you could give them. You made efforts to give them everything they needed, but it just wasn’t ever enough through their eyes.

You always under-appreciated no matter how much you gave them. They were so greedy. Their demands were too high and too much for anyone. There wasn’t any amount that you could give that would satisfy them.

You tried to make them happy by meeting their expectations. But when you would offer your hand they would want your whole arm. You could not live up to their demands.

They asked for something you could not offer. They were too hungry and greedy. They had a void that wasn’t able to be filled by you or anyone for that matter.

That’s why they didn’t think twice about taking your worth for granted. They knew that you were so deep in love with them that you would run yourself into the ground to make them happy. And, they knew that this meant you would even destroy yourself in the process.

They knew you would put your needs to the side to satisfy theirs. You were being dominated only by your own kindness. Your gullibility caused you to be taken advantage of. You were manipulated and they knew that because of how nice you were. They knew that you wouldn’t be able to fight back or stand up on your own.

They drained you of everything. When there wasn’t anything left of you, that’s when they left you. When they realized there were no more benefits for them, they didn’t have any use for you anymore.

They did not care that you were broken. They were happy with themselves and that was all that mattered. Now you were alone and had to heal. They left you with the wounds they had made. They left you at the bottom of a grave they dug out for you.

And, here is where you stand. Your alone, broken, beaten, and far from the same. You’ve been shattered. You’ve experienced hell. Now, your unsure of what to do next.

You have no clue how you’re supposed to move forward with your life.

The truth is, you are not alone. There are so many people that have experienced these exact same feelings and have been through what you have. And they made it through. You’ll need to understand that even though love has a bitter taste right this second that it shouldn’t affect how you see the love in the future. Don’t let the past define you.

You deserve love and everything that goes along with it. Do not lose faith in love just because of some experiences you have had. Never lose who you are and stay true to yourself. One day, when you least expect it, you’re going to find him.

He is going to walk into your life. The guy who you need is going to show up. And, this guy will treat you just like you have always treated the ones you have loved. He’ll be more than willing to love as you have always loved.

Once you meet this guy, you’ll realize why your past relationships didn’t work out. You’ll find out what true love means and your happiness will soar.

Published Via: Organic Writers