Every time a guy says to you that he needs time to think things over, here’s what it means

Every time a guy says to you that he needs time to think things over, here’s what it means

1) He wants to be alone for a while

We all need some time alone for a while and that’s completely normal.

It’s simply nature at work, and you’ve probably felt the same at some point in your life. So, when your significant other wants some time for themselves, give it to them respectfully.

2) He needs space to process things

Relationships can be surprising. Needing time to process what has happened and all the changes a relationship brings is normal.

When your man says he needs space, that can very well be a reason.

He might be intimidated if the relationship has started to be serious, and he might be scared of the future. Perhaps all he needs is some time to reflect on things.

3) He wants to take a break from the relationship

Maybe your guy said he needs to “think” about the relationship, but what he was really saying was that he wants a “break” from the relationship.

Have you guys been arguing? Does being in your relationship seem like a big effort? Or do you think he’s dealing with trust issues?

Whatever the case, you should never ignore. Instead of trying to figure out what’s going on with your man and if your relationship is in trouble all by yourself – get in touch with someone you trust to get good advice for your relationship/

4) He needs time to recharge

Wanting some time to recharge batteries is normal in all kinds of relationships, not only romantic ones.

All healthy people need time to be alone and develop their individuality. Being a good partner means giving each other independent time.

If, however, this isn’t the case, one or both people can develop codependency, and this can bring other problems, like jealousy and other toxic behaviors.

It’s perfectly normal to give and take time alone, and it can be a good sign of your future together. Just make sure to not lose yourself in the relationship.

5) He might be suffering some stress

All women know men like to be the alpha male in every situation. They like to solve problems and face challenges on their own. The result is pretty telling: they get stressed out.

They’re tired and in a bad mood, and you might be paying the consequences.

Men usually go into their mental palace to solve problems, and they fail to communicate with their partners whenever they’re going to do it.

6) He doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore

Yes, this is not the best option. Perhaps he has trouble communicating his needs and his thoughts, so “I need a break” translates into “I don’t want to be with you anymore”.

Maybe he has his eyes on someone else already.

This can be horrible to hear, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. However, you must not blame yourself for his issues with communication.

He doesn’t deserve your time, and you’ve got better things to do than wait for someone that will never make up their mind.