Entitled Mom Gets Angry After Being Rejected By French Tutor – DEFUSED

There are some people in the world who hate the idea of rejection let alone being rejected. They tend to go crazy because in their lives they never learned for once that someone could say no to them. This kind of people always live on cloud nine, in an imaginary bubble of their own where everything they do is acceptable and correct, and everything the others do is inferior and incorrect. We refer to such beings as “entitled people” and this is all thanks to their inflated egos.

In today’s Reddit story, we have a mother who tried to contact a tutor to have her daughter taught the French language. She wanted her daughter to learn French because they had planned a trip to France later. Having her daughter know how to speak French would make it really easy for them to travel and have a better experience. Cutting off the language barrier is always a good thing. So she decided to engage with a tutor who agreed to teach OP’s daughter French for $40/hour. 

This rate was not accepted by this entitled mother as she wanted it to be taught at a much lower rate. Trust me, $40/hour is like a free session because tutors charge up to $400 for a session. The entitled mother got told no and this made her super mad because she couldn’t believe anyone could reject her. 

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