Employee Doesn’t Get Considered For Promotion, Has To Train The New Hire – DEFUSED

Companies do not care about their employees. I know no one wants to hear this, but it is the truth. No matter how much you believe the people at your workplace are your family, this is rarely the case. because they will do whatever is best for them and the company and rarely care about their employees. The bottom line is that it all comes down to money and how much they can save. Even if you are qualified for a job and have been with the company for years, if they can get in a new hire for less money, they will choose that option.

I’m not sure if it was for financial reasons, but a veteran employee was passed over for promotion, and the position was instead given to a new hire. You might think this isn’t so bad, but they were also told to train the new employee, which is just rubbing salt in the wound. They would not have been told to train someone for that job if they were unqualified. Scroll down to read the entire story and what people had to say.

Source: Reddit