Don’t put your happiness on hold for someone


Stop breaking your own heart by trying to make a relationship work that clearly isn’t meant to work. You can’t force someone to care about you. You can’t force someone to be loyal. You can’t force someone to be the person you need them to be. Sometimes the person you want most is the person you’re best without. You got to understand some things are meant to happen, but just not meant to be. Some things are meant to come in your life, just not meant to stay. Don’t lose yourself by trying to fix what’s meant to stay broken. You can’t get the relationship you need from someone who’s not ready to give it to you. And you might not understand WHY NOW, but I promise you, your future will always bring understanding of why things didn’t work out. TRUST ME. Don’t put your happiness on hold for someone who isn’t holding on to you. Some chapters just have to close without closure. Straight up.
~Trent Shelton

If He Doesn’t Want To Be With You, Don’t Force Him To Stay

Everyone wants to have a happy and stable relationship. Sometimes happiness is just not on our side. We don’t get to be with the perfect guy. This is because there is no perfect. Well, there is a reason why it’s called “imagination”. While we may think our significant other is perfect in the very beginning, we are in for a disappointment when we realize that they are not.

Men are very different from women and have different needs. Sometimes this is confusing to the women who love them. Men often need a break from the noise they feel is surrounding them all of the time. Some want to leave, either temporarily or permanently. It sounds crazy, but we don’t always know the reasons why.

Women are emotionally weaker than men. The emotional stability of a man is proof that sometimes he wants to escape the emotional drama that he has around him all the time. Men are naturally adventurous and they want to change. Sometimes, when a man asks for a break from his woman, the woman starts to believe that he has just gotten sick of her and he just wants to leave her.

Well, that may be the case sometimes but if it is the case then it is better to let your man go, then to force him to stay. Here, force does not mean that you are not a fun person to be around but it means that you may not be the right person for that specific man.

If he wants to go, let him.

You may have thought that you were perfectly compatible in the very beginning. But soon that compatibility was gone. One or both of you became unhappy in the relationship. Your man has decided he wants to escape for a while. He simply needs space.

You need to be stable; physically, socially, and emotionally. Many women want to stay inside of their rooms all day, wondering where they went wrong. Many get depressed and others feel as though their life isn’t worth living anymore. This is so far from the truth, though. You have to stand tall and face your new reality. Sure, this was a very traumatic experience but you can survive.

You have to take care of yourself and live your life.

1. Make yourself believe that this happened for the best and soon, time will prove it

We all know that the universe has a lot in store for us. We may believe that whatever has happened to us right now may be the biggest tragedy of our lives. But no one knows about the plans that the Universe has made for us, they may even be better than our own imagination and they may be beneficial for us in the long run.

The current situation may be emotionally painful, but what comes ahead is strength and betterment. Not everybody can realize it but for those who do actually end up living a really happy life.

2. Meditate and stay relaxed as much as possible

You can’t escape the sadness surrounding you, but there are ways to deal with it that involve meditation. Meditation will help you realize that you are better off on your own for now. It will help you stay connected to your soul.

3. Start doing the things that you love to do, alone

You can also participate in the activities you like. These activities can be anything from shopping, painting, reading books, watching movies and eating food. It depends on what you prefer to do, whatever activity keeps you distracted for a long time is the best one to choose at this point.

4. Go out with friends and laugh it all out

Laughter really is the best medicine of all. Go out with friends to make sure you have a good time. Do not stay home and cry forever. Your loved ones will be happy to help cheer you up in your time of need.

Do you have any helpful hints to add? Let us know how you got over a very emotional break-up in the comments. Then pass this on to help others in the same situation!