Company Fired An Employee Because His Performance “Became Severely Lacking” After His Parents Death – DEFUSED

Many businesses only view their staff as “human resources,” not as independent human beings with feelings and interests. They immediately lose interest and choose less challenging options when their employee fails to perform as expected due to psychological or emotional issues.

The same businesses also try to fool their staff into believing that “they are a family,” but everyone loses interest as soon as they have to act like one. It’s simple to make these assertions in an effort to persuade your staff to work more, but far more difficult actually to mean them. Under the pseudonym u/Resident Occasion, a Redditor posted on the r/AmItheA**hole subReddit about how her employer sacked a worker because of poor performance after the passing of his parents. The guy was sacked right away without ever receiving an official warning from the employer about his poor performance.

After her boyfriend had a negative reaction to her account of what had occurred, the user was unclear about how to feel about the circumstance. She consequently chose to seek advice from the Reddit community. Reddit users responded to u/post Resident Occasion’s in a variety of ways. To view the entire Reddit post, scroll down. After that, scroll further to view the original post’s comments.

1. The original post by Reddit member u/Resident Occasion is available here:

2. When OP told her boyfriend about the entire incident, his response caused her to question how she handled it.

3. OP eventually changed the post to include a “Update” that provided further background on the circumstances.

4. Here is how the Reddit community responded to the post by user u/Resident Occasion:

5. Even Batman struggled to cope with the loss of his parents.

6. It would have been better to issue a warning.

7. The workload will increase if you’ve been gone for a full month.

8. Employees are still individuals and are not your possessions.

9. People won’t perform at their best when they are in mourning, therefore they made sure he would need even more time to get over his parents.

10. Because this might happen to the OP at any time, she shouldn’t feel secure in this workplace.

11. They sacked him outright without bringing up the fact that he was performing below par.

12. “It takes time to recover from death, which is really severe.”

13. For the benefit of the employee as well as themselves, the company made a poor business choice.

14. YTA

15. YTA OP

16. That is true

The OP and the organization she works for could have made an effort to act humanely by giving their employee more time to recover. Instead, they chose the simple option of eliminating him entirely, which is utterly callous and brutal.

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