Can you spot the panda among the snowmen?

At first glance, this optical illusion just consists of a lot of snowmen. But somewhere in the picture, there’s a stealthy panda hiding.

So, the challenge is to find the sneaky panda. It’s easier said than done!

Can you do it? Ready, set and go!

This one is really tricky. Nobody in my family could do it on their own! If you didn’t spot the panda, don’t fret – the solution is shown below.






There it is, in the upper right corner. This is one of the trickier ones so far.

Can You Find Hidden Panda In These 5 Images?

Do You See The Hidden Panda In The Image? There is a total of 5 penguins hidden among the cute pandas. Only People With IQ 140+ Can find the person in just 30 seconds! How About You?

Let’s start! – then check the result at the end of the article.

1. Can you find the panda?

2. Can you find the panda?

3. Can you find the panda?

4. Can you find the panda?

5. Can you find the panda?

Can you find the panda in just 60 seconds? IF you found all the panda, This means that you have an IQ of 140! That’s amazing! We are so jealous of you right now! Was that too easy for you?

If you can’t find all of them, check the answer below.