Can You Spot The Missing Legs In This Real-Life Optical Illusion?

The simplest mistakes are often the hardest to spot. Therefore we have come up with an interesting photo riddle where you will need to spot out what is wrong with the image within 30 seconds.

This real-life photo is driving the internet wild! There are six women in this photo, but you can only see five pairs of legs … or can you? See how long it takes you to find the missing legs!

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture?

There are six women in the photo, but it looks like there are only five pairs of legs. The girl in the middle of the couch seems to be completely legless!

The photo posted to Reddit is now viral. And nobody seems to be able to explain the missing legs.








Here is what’s really going on:

The woman in the middle is leaning to her left, meaning the legs to her right actually belong to her.

The second woman from the left is wearing black jeans, which are hidden behind the woman on the far left.

Can You Spot The Missing Legs?

Here’s a closer look:

Mystery solved.