Can You Pass This Incredibly Difficult Test?

Amazing Test To Check Your Focusing Abilities!

This test is not as easy as it appears. Some of these questions can be really tricky! See how quickly you can find the odd out in each of the five puzzles and see if you’re able to take your place among the world’s fastest!

Apparently, it’s not strange – the vast majority of people get it wrong if they try to finish with 60 seconds, which is the time limit for this challenge!

Now, let’s see how it works for you!

It’s a white background image filled with lots of 8’s. But in a few spots, there are also a few hidden 9’s. Because the number and the letter are so similar, this can deceive your eyes.

The question now is how many 9’s can you find in the picture?!

1. Can you spot the odd one?

2. Can you spot the odd one?

3. Can you spot the odd one?

How fast can you do it? Prove that you are a puzzle master and pass the test without making a single mistake! This could be tougher than you expected but we bet you can do this! Give it a go!

4. Can you spot the odd one?

5. Can you spot the odd one?

Could you see all of them quickly? We hope you did great on this test!