Can you find the watch that stands out?

Which watch stands out?

Most people can’t solve this puzzle in 10 seconds, according to Mambee. I made it just in time – but this one isn’t as easy as it looks!

A special detail

There are 3 wristwatches in the next picture. Your task is to see which watch stands out. There is a specific detail that is vital for you to solve this puzzle.

So then, here we go. Can you find the watch that stands out from the rest? You’ve got 10 seconds. Aaaand, go!

Did you manage to find the unique watch within 10 seconds?

Mambee / N365






Did you see the detail that makes one of the watches stand out? It is, as I said, a small one – but if you find it, the answer is yours!

Most people can’t find it within 10 seconds, if you did, congratulations are in order.

If you didn’t, don’t worry, take as much time as you need, and look carefully. There’s no rush.

The answer is listed below.

Mambee / N365

The correct answer is that watch A stands out!

Why? Well, numbers 6 and 12 have been swapped!

Did you manage?