Can You Find The Mistake in 10 Seconds or Less?

How fast can you find the mistake? Have Fun!!!

Here is one such picture riddle in which your challenge is find the mistake in the given picture image. Can you find this mistake as quickly as possible?


It’s very easy!

Have you found it?

Here is the answer:










“Only 1 in 5 people can solve this: which cat is different from the rest?”

Time limit: 10 seconds

According to YouTube channel EG Mines, most people can’t solve this brainteaser in 10 seconds. I made it just in time, but it’s not as easy at it appears.

There are 3 cartoon cats in the image below. The challenge is to see which one is different from the rest. There’s a specific detail you need to spot in order to solve this one.

The solution is shown below!