Boss Makes Employee Work During Lunch Break, Malicious Compliance Act Ensues – DEFUSED

When you are working for quite a long in the office, the only thing you are looking forward to is a break. The break becomes more interesting when it’s time for you to eat your favorite lunch. Breaks are also necessary for your mental well-being and sanity as too much work without breaks can be exhausting for every human. Such relaxation is needed to keep you going. But, have you ever thought of a boss who will stop you from having lunch in the break? Instead, he will ask you to work for him during those hours despite it being a legal requirement.

The story we are going to share with you is of an employee who had such a boss who did not hesitate to send them to work. She has clearly used malicious compliance on her and she gave a great response to that. I do not understand how people can be so insensitive and unreasonable at times. Scroll down till the end if you want to know the full story. There are also Reddit comments at the end to read.

1. So, here goes the story

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2. Not giving the employee time to eat and then complaining lunch time is over is questionable

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3. Here is where comes the twist, you will love how she responded to her boss

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4. I love how she stood quietly and kept watching, what’s law is law, there’s no end to that

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Now, as you have read the full story. It’s time for you to see what people had to say about this and what they had to share about themselves. It’s interesting how people utilize their lunch hours in different ways.

5. Lunch hours are nap hours for some

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6. True

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7. Some people are so calculated about the lunch hours as they have to do everything ij it. Well, sleeping under office desk is kinda cool and very thoughtful

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8. Napping in the office is a very innovative approach adopted by most people, now I see

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9. He’s right when he says mental health is priceless

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10. People are not even sensitive to the people who have specific disorders, I mean. How can they..

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11. He definitely did great by going to the concert, deserved it

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12. Now this seems a serious problem, I hope he did get checked

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13. Turns out, something being illegal is not the solution, because it is still exercised with no shame

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Now what we have understood from this story is that you should always say ‘No’ when it’s required. It seems difficult at first but once you know that it’s your right and you cannot all for malicious compliance anymore, it’s great, and you are free. When the boss did not let her eat past lunch despite having her occupied, how could she expect her to help her at work during her free time? As you sow, so shall you reap.

Hope you liked the thread. Stay tuned to us for more interesting stories.

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