Being Close With Your Father Empowers You To Be A Strong Woman

Even as a little girl, I knew that my relationship with my father was special. He always had my back, always believed in my dreams (even when it came to things like the next Barbra Streisand or being a flying horse), and he taught me that the only thing that would embarrassed was out of my mind In this case, the flying horse. I have no doubt that today I am a strong, confident and confident woman because I had a father who encouraged me not to be less.

1. You see how strong men treat strong women.

They see what it means to respect others, regardless of gender, status or situation. When you are educated and attached to a good father, his behavior naturally affects you. Because he gives the example, do the same. They learn to behave in a certain way to expect some treatment from those around them. But you always give it back because that’s what your father would do.

2. You have always believed in yourself because someone else first believed in you.

Your trust is not rude – it’s just the result of being educated by someone who has always told you that you can do what you want. Instead of focusing on things you can not do, focus on what you can do. If you are educated by a father who believes in you, it is much easier to believe in yourself.

3. You have seen that “strength” does not mean being hardened. This strength does not diminish your ability to be gentle, caring and gentle.

Being attentive and empathetic is not the same as being weak. The real strength comes from the versatility, the possibility of superimposing and at the same time to make it strong and soft. Being able and willing to be there for other people is a characteristic trait of the strongest individuals. And that’s something you learned from seeing your father appear to you constantly.

4. You are not intimidated by challenges because they inspire you.

Challenges inspire you. They fill you up. They do not exhaust you, do not force you to flounder and give up. They are more the reason why you get up in the morning. Your father taught you to wake up and face life – never fear it. And it’s impossible if you let difficult things intimidate you.

5. They are not afraid to work for others and especially for themselves.

Strong people are there for themselves, but also for others. They appear, they have the backs of men, they encourage people and are there for them when they fall. If you are educated by a father who has always been there for you, you know how important it is for others to do it. After all, it’s only second nature, because for you, that’s exactly what you do. It’s that simple.

6. You learn the power of forgiveness.

People make mistakes. You continued to do it yourself and your father has always been there with unconditional love, guidance and forgiveness. The force does not come to keep the grudge and refuse to let go. It is important to be able to accept people, mistakes and everything else and assure them that they will always be able to visit you.

7. They never throw in the towel and give it up.

If you are not afraid of challenges, you are not afraid to end your debut. They know how to persevere, to continue, even if “to walk” seems impossible. Strong fathers teach you how important it is not to stay behind just because something is difficult. They teach you how to lift your chin, maintain your shoulders and continue.

8. You know that you always have people who have your back and how you can be the same for them.

The most important things that the strongest people have is an even stronger support system. You know that your friends and family, especially your father, are always there when you need them. You know that there is no advantage to staying alone in life, even if you are technically capable. It’s better with the people who love you. It’s always better with the people who love you.