Avoiding certain people

1. Don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life who are causing more harm than good.

2. Negative people feed on your response. Don’t give them the pleasure.

3. Have you noticed that the negative people in your life all have these characteristics?

4. Some of the people you thought would always be in your life fade out of it.

5. When you’re trying to solve problems, negative people will always come up with a reason it won’t work.

6. Surround yourself with people who are constantly looking to improve themselves.

7. Even when you’re trying to help a negative person you can’t win.

8. Just because someone has an opinion doesn’t mean it should shape your reality.

9. If you surround yourself with people who just hate, blame, and complain you’ll never succeed.

10. The more time you spend with negative people, the more likely it is you’ll turn into one too.

11. You might think those closest to you have your best interest in mind.

12. But they could be looking for ways to make you fail.

13. Not saying anything is way better than complaining and being negative.

14. The people you surround yourself will either make you better or make you worse.

15. Negative people get pleasure from things going bad .

16. They love having excuses to whine and complain.

17. You always have a choice about whether or not to participate in a negative conversation.

18. It’s foolish to try to argue with anyone isn’t willing to listen.

19. Your life is too short to be wasted trying to change people.

20. Spend time with people who appreciate you and make you better instead.

21. It’s hard to cut people out of your life. But once you do, the results will be life-changing.

22. Negative people want to make your life as miserable as theirs.

23. Don’t keep people in your life who cloud up your days.

24. Misery needs company. If you’re happy you’ll repel negativity.

25. There’s no point in trying to convince someone who’s already made up their mind.