Almost everybody can’t find the C in this puzzle under 7 seconds. Can you?

Find the C in this puzzle under 7 seconds. Can you?

This is a simple test but challenging as you need to spot certain things in under less than just a few seconds. For this eye test, it was claimed that 99% of people apparently could not solve it in less than 7 seconds.

This means that only 1% of adults can solve it under less than 7 seconds. The challenge in question is based around a large grid filled with rows of the letter ‘o’—and you need to locate only one letter ‘c’ in between them all.

This test has been around for a couple of years, but it recently emerged again and ready to leave people helplessly looking for that one letter that is different from the rest.

Ready to join the 1% that can spot the letter C among the O’s in less than 7 seconds?

Credit: Unilad

The simplest method is to scan through the picture line by line until you hit upon the row hiding the letter ‘c’. However, anyone can do this—so it doesn’t qualify you to be those among the 1%.

So get ready for what you are looking for before you cast your eyes on the image. Avoid focusing on any particular area of the grid as it might slow you down when looking at the wrong area. It can make you dizzy too!

Did you find the letter ‘c’? If you managed to find it under less than 7 seconds—well done, your mind and eyes are in fine working order!






Credit: Unilad

People on Twitter claiming that you might be a genius if you find it under 7 seconds.

If not, don’t worry because it’s not a mark on your cognitive abilities nor your eyesight!