A real lover can’t be stolen.

If someone really loves you, no matter how many other people they meet, their feelings for you wouldn’t change. A real lover can’t be stolen.

If You’re Truly In Love With Someone, You Should Be Loyal To Them

When you really love someone, do not hide your phone from them and text secretly as you are worried about what they might see on the screen. You do not use fake names for your contacts and delete messages so they can not find anything. You do not answer calls late at night and lie about the person calling you.

When you love someone, you don’t even consider downloading Tinder or similar apps to flip through your options or see how many matches you will get to boost your confidence. You do not even think about flirting with others, even if it’s completely harmless.

When you love someone, do not behave as if you are single. You will not give your phone number to people who are obviously interested in you. You do not act in a way that suggests that you are available.

When you love someone, you do not lose self-control! You do not indulge in alcohol and use it as an excuse for cheating or flirting. You do not communicate with your exes and consider them as a backup when your relationship ends. You don’t give others a chance, although you are already in a relationship.

When you love someone, do not go to your ex whenever you have a tiny argument. You do not jump in bed with the first person just because you are angry. You do not destroy a serious relationship built on trust and confidence for a night of distraction.

When you really love someone, do not make them jealous when you flirt with others, even if it’s harmless and done only to see their reaction. You do not call them strange or crazy for getting angry when you stare at others.

When you love someone, do not think about cheating with your partner as an option, whether it is physical or emotional, in big ways or trivial ways. You do not risk losing the person you have for something as insignificant as your libido. You do not hurt them, no matter what!

When you love someone, take your love seriously. You treat them nicely, kindness and respect.

When you love someone, you stay loyal to them at all costs. Here is what loyal truly means:

Being loyal means never saying anything that would embarrass your partner in public

Being loyal means keeping confidence!

Being loyal means being fully respectful of your partner`s weakness and helping him/her to overcome them.

Being loyal means prioritizing your partner`s needs. Keeping them as primary over the needs of any other person.

Being loyal means constantly reminding your partner that you will be there physically and emotionally, whenever and wherever needed.

Being loyal means keeping your word at all costs.

Being loyal means never speaking badly about your partner to others. You should share your frustrations and remarks with someone close, but without blaming the partner.